Vortragsankündigungen Neurobiologie und Genetik

Even the fruit-fly D. melanigaster can interpret day length and prepare when winter is coming
Pamela Menegazzi (Lab Seminar)
Ort: Biozentrum Seminarraum Neurobiologie D005
06. Dezember 2016 09:15 - 11:00
Organisator: Neurobiologie und Genetik

NEWS Neurobiologie und Genetik

Photoperiodic clocks were considered to operate as either circadian oscillators or simple hour-glasses, depending on ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ responses in classic Nanda–Hamner and Bünsow experiments. However, there are species which cannot be fitted...

Pingkalai Senthilan and Charlotte Förster conducted a phylogenetic analysis on the gene for rhodopsin 7, an unusual rhodopsin which the two found to form a separate group from the other known insect rhodopsins.