News and information for students

Projects for Bachelor- or Master theses within our current research topics including the collaborative research center (SFB) 1047 "Insect timing" (more information here) are continuously available. The topics include:

  • The circadian clock: from molecule to behaviour
  • Neurogenetics of selected behaviours (sleep, locomotion, learning and memory, feeding...)
  • Neuroanatomy of in- and output pathways of the central clock
  • Neuroanatomy of modulatory systems
  • Biochemistry of neuropeptide processing

Our research is based on a broad array of modern techniques established in our lab:

  • molecular techniques (e.g. gene expression assays, qPCR, cloning)
  • biochemical methods (e.g. cap-HPLC, mass spectrometry, western blots)
  • physiological methods (calcium/cAMP imaging, electrophysiology)
  • cell culture
  • advanced anatomical techniques (immunostainings, sections, confocal microscopy, 3D-reconstructions)
  • advanced methods to track and manipulate behaviour (incl. opto/thermogenetics)

If you are interested on the details of the currently available projects, please get in touch with us.

Acknowledgment of external performances

1. Lectures and practical courses to be performed abroad or at the Clinic have to be confirmed in advance concerning their allowability. This has to be done by a special form that can be obtained here in the department

2. After that you will have to elaborate a Learning Agreement together with the career co-ordinator

3. Make sure that this agreement is signed by all responsible persons (external and internal supervisor)

4. After finishing the course an evaluation and grading of your performance has to be made by the supervisors

5. The form "Acknowledgement of external performances" has to be marked with "performance abroad" or "performance external'

6. The recording to your Transcript has to be done by the office of the dean of studies